Damage Protection Policy

There's nothing more frustrating than making a big purchase (or even a little one for that matter) and having it arrived damaged. Many of the items we sell are customized, built to order and cost thousands of dollars...so what to do if it arrives damaged!?

At Backyard Sprawl we want you to purchase from us with ease, so we have put in place our Damage Protection Policy to help mitigate the risk of potential damages. Depending on the issue, the cause and solution will fall into one of the two buckets listed below (damage in transit or manufacturer defect).

We ship your goods in the hands of only the most reliable shipping partners, because no one wants to spend time and/or money trying to solve problems that could have been avoided. That said, even the best have bad days, and accidents still happen. It's usually small things like one item in the truck puncturing the packaging of the item it's next to it. This may lead to a small hole in stucco, a chipped tile, etc. All these things can be easily fixed.

☝️ Reporting Damage

IMPORTANT: For Backyard Sprawl's Damage Protection Policy to apply, all damages must be reported within 5 calendar days of the delivery date. Any damages or discrepancies not reported within that time frame will not be covered and the cost of repair or replacement will be the customer’s responsibility.

In the event of receiving a product with minor damage simply do the following: 1.) Write "DAMAGED" on the POD (the form the truck driver asks you to sign when releasing the item) along with whatever brief details you want to include on the form 2.) Make sure you've taken pictures of both the packaged item, showing any breaches in the packaging, (a picture of a wound in the item's wrapping makes a very clear case for damage in transit), as well as pictures of the damage with the packaging removed. 3.) Email us (within 5 days of delivery) the photos and notification of what happened. 

 How Our Damage Protection Works

Once you inform us of the damage we will ask you to register the item with the manufacturer and provide us any other details or measurements we may need to order the exact matching materials from the manufacturer to repair the item (ie: replace the broken tile piece, patch the stucco, etc.). We will have the manufacturer ship to you a replacement of the exact material that was used to build your product and then we will find a local and skilled professional in your area and coordinate the repair. All materials and services will be paid for by us, all you need to do is coordinate with the service provider a time that's convenient for them to render their services. We'll take care of the rest!

In some instances we have customers who wish to find and hire their own service providers to make the repair. If you wish to do this you may, but you will be responsible for paying them out of your own pocket. In this instance we will provide you a direct refund (to the card you purchased the item with) for the amount estimated by our service providers. If your service provider charges more you will be responsible for the difference. 

In some instances items arrived defective, where no damage was incurred in transit but the manufacturer sent the item out of production with a flaw (ie: a poorly fastened tile falls off or is missing, an area of stucco is gloppy and not fully covering the surface it's suppose to, etc.). These kinds of issues are covered by the manufacturer warranty, which in most cases (depending on the manufacturer) is good for 30 days from the date of delivery. (For product-specific details see the "Warranty" tab on the product page for the product in question.) These things are fixed by a similar process as listed above, but in this case the manufacturer is the responsible party to orchestrate the repairs and we step in as needed to help the process go smoothly. 

☝️ Reporting Defects

IMPORTANT: While technically manufacturer defects can be reported to the manufacturer anytime up to the time cap on their warranty (often 30 days), we strongly urge customers to report all issues to us within 5 calendar days. This is our required window for reporting damage in transit and it is not always clear to customers if the damage was caused in transit or is a manufacturer defect. If you wait 3 weeks to report an abnormality thinking it's covered for 30 days by the manufacturer and then it's determined to be damage from the freight carrier, you will have missed the window for our coverage. So, as a rule of thumb, just report anything in question to us within 5 calendar days of the delivery date.

In the event of a receiving product with manufacturer defects simply do the following: 1.) Register your product with the manufacturer. 2.) Take pictures of the problem area(s). 3.) Email us (within 5 days of delivery) the photos and explanation of what's wrong. 

 How The Manufacturer Warranty Works

Once you register the product and inform us of the damage we will open a support ticket with the manufacturer. We'll tall them what the problem is and what needs to be done and then loop them in with you to work out the details. From that point forward it will be between you and them, but you're always welcome to reach back out to us for help if you're having trouble getting what you need from them. We're always here to help! They will send you the materials needed to make the repair and, if needed, coordinate with a service provider in your area to make any needed repairs.

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