As a triple bottom line business, Backyard Sprawl is always looking for new ways to align our business practices more with 'people' and 'planet'! Presently there are THREE primary ways we are working to stay green.

#1. We've selected a shipping network that offsets 100% of CO2 emissions generated by all freight shipments ordered from Backyard Sprawl.

How? All our freight shipping is done through FreightClub which is sustainably oriented to offsetting the entirety of their carbon emissions by planting trees. This is done using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol calculation, which first determines the impact of a shipment and how much CO2 is emitted in its transport, and then determines how much CO2 a tree can absorb. Planting the amount of new trees needed to absorb the emissions of their shipments maintains a neutral footprint. FreightClub achieves this in partnership with OneTreePlanted.

#2. What if we told you that you could shop online while supporting the rebuilding endangered species habitats and growing fish populations in Senegal, protecting the at-risk Peruvian rainforest and planting more trees to offset carbon emissions from deliveries? You can.

How? We are proudly aligned with the ShopPay platform in support of its global efforts to support climate solutions. In addition to being a super easy way to checkout, ShopPay also works with WeForest planting 4.6 million mangrove trees in Senegal, Africa as well as with Pachama protecting 123.6 million at-risk trees in the Peruvian rainforest.

On top of all that ShopPay helps to offset carbon emissions by utilizing a portion of every purchase to plant trees! I know right!? We thought it was pretty cool too. ShopPay works with local organizations around the globe to both protect and plant new trees with the goal of planting 4.6 million trees by 2022.

To participate just choose the purple "ShopPay" button at checkout and create an account if you don't already have one. Then, in addition to helping offset carbon emissions you also have your order, payment, and tracking details for all Shopify-powered websites in one place!

#3. In addition to partnering with the above-mentioned sustainably oriented companies, Backyard Sprawl goes a step further and donates a small percentage of each sale to support our planet.

To do this we’ve partnered with Offset. Every month, Offset calculates the total emissions generated by our shipped orders, that number becomes our monthly Offset cost. We pay our percentage and they use this money to invest in conservation projects around the world!

The reason we've taken so many approaches to sustainability is that our goal is not just be neutral, but to give more back to the planet than we're taking from it. 

But we’re not patting ourselves on the back just yet, we know this effort is a drop in the bucket to what can be done and we are actively working to improve the sustainability of our practices. If you have any ideas feel free to drop us a line:

Thank you for shopping Sprawl and supporting a greener world! 

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