Freight Delivery

what to expect with your delivery:

📆 Scheduling & Delivery Window

In most cases, though not always, you will be contacted by the freight company when your order is ready to be delivered, at that time you can choose your specified delivery date and time frame. There is generally a delivery window provided (the length of which varies by carrier). You are also free to contact your carrier before they call you, use the details provided on your tracking link, that may slightly expedite your delivery.

📐 Pre-Planning & Placement

We strongly urge you to make sure, prior to ordering, that there is a clear path from the driveway to your desired destination, and that the necessary clearance through gates or under overhangs is present for the item. All our products have line drawings on their product page giving exact dimensions. Packaging adds to that but can always be removed to fit through a gate when needed. 

🚛 Delivery Day

We book all freight deliveries with lift gates to easily lower the item from the truck to the ground. In rare instances for excessively heavy items over 85 inches the lift gate may not suffice and alternative methods may be required (See: Customer Responsibility below.) In most cases the freight team will unload the item at the end of your driveway. It will be up to you to move it from there to its desired destination and unpack it. Delivery does not include unpackaging and the item will be left on its pallet for your movers to get it to its final destination with ease. We do encourage you to unwrap the item when you receive it to inspect for potentially concealed damage. We strongly encourage you to inspect all deliveries before signing for them and, if you discover damage, to notate this on the document when you sign for the delivery. IMPORTANT: Our Backyard Sprawl Damage Policy requires that all issues be reported to us within 5 calendar days of delivery to be eligible for coverage. 

🏡 Final Placement In Your Yard

After the item is successfully delivered by our freight company it will be the customer's responsibility to make arrangements for moving the item to its final destination in your yard. That said we are happy to support you in this process so you can feel free to call us with questions regarding who to hire, what to tell them, etc. (We generally recommend a local moving company, sometimes piano movers, safe movers or handymen/contractors can also do the trick!) We have found that the average cost for local moving companies to relocate bulky items from the driveway to the backyard averages between $400-$600, though there are always companies out there that will quote higher, in most cases this is a reasonable expectation for cost. 

⚠️ Customer Responsibility

In some instance specialty equipment MAY be needed to unload the item from the delivery truck, in which case the freight company would contact you before delivery and let you know what's needed. This is rare but in some instances items which measure longer than 85 inches in length and are excessively heavy may require a forklift to remove from the truck as they are too large for the lift gate. In some instances specialty equipment MAY be needed specific to your requested placement (ie: forklift, power jack, etc.) which would also fall under customer responsibility. We are always here to help, but Backyard Sprawl is not responsible for any complications in final placement of the item after it is delivered. If you are uncertain what is needed to move the item from the delivery spot (generally the driveway) to your backyard, we suggest consulting with a contractor.

🤝 We're Here For You

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to call our customer support number (855-815-1344) or email our support team ( as we want to set you up for a successful and easy delivery!



Freight is the transport and delivery of items on pallets by semi truck. The process of receiving freight is not quite what most consumers have come to expect from the click and receive ease of Amazon Prime, but until we can convince the mailman to put a BBQ Island in their satchel, freight is the easiest and most trusted way to get the larger items we sell to our valued customers! 

With the changing landscape of commerce shifting to more purchases being made online and shipping direct to consumer, there are more and more large and weighty items being delivered via the growing industry niche of consumer freight. 

All that said, we recognize that for most people receiving a freight delivery is unfamiliar terrain, so we thought we’d help walk you through it. We want to make the whole process of purchasing from Backyard Sprawl as easy and simple as possible. So here's our guide.


☝️ Be Available

The freight company should call you to schedule a day and time window for delivery, it’s important than someone is at the residence to receive, inspect, and sign for the item.

🔎 Inspect Your Delivery Thoroughly

It’s the customer’s responsibility to inspect the item thoroughly. 

  • PACKAGING: Inspect externally for damages that may have punctured the packing material. If there is any compromise to the packaging from the outside, take pictures of the compromised packaging prior to unwrapping.

  • PRODUCT: Remove the packaging and inspect the item. Ensure you’ve received the correct product and that there is no damage to the item. Occasionally there is no visible compromise in the packaging but there is still damage to the product underneath, this is called concealed damage.


✒️ Sign (Or Decline) And Notate Damages (If Any)

Once you sign for the product, you are responsible for it, so inspect it carefully! Do not sign until the item has been fully inspected. 


  • EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD! Our favorite and most common scenario...everything looks good. You’ve received the correct item with no damage, give it the old John Hancock and you’re good to go!

  • ITEM IS MILDLY DAMAGED (EXTERIOR) Most freight damage is little things…a cracked tile, a small hole in the stucco, etc. These things are not difficult to repair as the manufacturer is able to send out the perfectly matching materials for a skilled professional to repair the damage with. The cost of materials and service are covered by Backyard Sprawl's damage protection guarantee SO LONG AS the damage is reported within 5 calendar days from delivery. If you find minor damage upon inspection, notate this on the POD (proof of delivery) form that you are signing by writing “DAMAGE” and then whatever relevant brief details you want to provide next to that. Take pictures of the damage then send them to us at

  • ITEM IS SEVERELY DAMAGED (STRUCTURAL) If the item is clearly damaged beyond repair you may take pictures and decline delivery, do not sign for the item if you decline delivery. Let us know you declined delivery and send pictures to 

  • ITEM IS INCORRECT If the item is incorrect (for example if the manufacturer sent an L-shaped BBQ island with the countertop right instead of left) you may also take pictures and decline receiving the delivery, do not sign for the item if you decline delivery. Let us know you declined the delivery explaining why, and send pictures to 


 📧 Report Damages (If Any)

    • EMAIL US:  As mentioned above, it’s important that all damages or discrepancies be reported to us after receiving (or refusing) the delivery. 
      IMPORTANT: Our Backyard Sprawl Damage Policy requires that all issues be reported to us within 5 calendar days of delivery to be eligible for coverage.  Any damages or discrepancies not reported within that time frame will not be covered and the cost of repair or replacement will be the customer’s responsibility.

    • TAKE PICTURES! It’s very important that any and all freight complications are visually documented. Whether there is a manufacturer defect or damage in transit, the only way to verify what the problem is and who is responsible is with the visual documentation of photos.
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