Our Promise

We are a young but quickly growing company and we’re hungry to win your trust and earn your business. We believe that our customers are the backbone of our success, and for this reason we strive to treat YOU the way WE want to be treated by the brands and businesses we buy from. (It's your classic "Golden Rule" situation.) 

So in running our store we ask ourselves, how do we want to be treated as customers? Our answer...We want to find what we’re looking for with ease. We want to talk to a human when we have a question. We want our patronage to be appreciated, not taken for granted. We want to not just get a new thing, but to feel good about the exchange. We want to trust that IF we happen to have a problem with our order, someone will be there to help us sort it out. And yes- of course- we want great prices, fast shipping, and quality products that match our expectations. All this and more is what we work hard to give to YOU!

Because people are what makes the world go round, not numbers. (Well, numbers too if you consider math and physics, but you know what what we mean!)

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